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Hello! I'm Samantha, an eighteen year old from upstate New York with a passion for health. FitspirationGeneration originally started out strictly as a fitblr, but I've decided to turn it into a blog about my life. Welcome aboard; I hope you enjoy coming on this journey with me.

College Living: Day 4

These past few days have certainly been interesting! I’m more conflicted about my feelings for this school than I was when I first got here. Sometimes I’ll be out doing something that makes me think, “Get me out of this place now!” and sometimes I’m perfectly content with calling this unfamiliar place my home for at least the next year. I think it all comes down to the fact that it took so long to build such solid and trusting relationships with the friends that I had in high school, and I’m so scared that I’ll never reach that level with anyone here. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of nice people that I’ve met, but also others that seem completely close-minded about making new friends now that they have established a group of their own. This campus is also so small that I’m already ready to venture out into town, which I’m going to do tomorrow. Tonight, my roommate and I circled campus a few times, and it was nice to get out into the fresh air away from the huge crowds of people for a little while. So, while I’m still unsure how I feel about this school, I do have to say that the past few nights have been delightfully strange and entertaining, and I have met some great people who I’m hoping to learn more about during the next several months.


One of my favorite photos.


One of my favorite photos.

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All moved in to college!

My first day of college was pretty much a success! After we moved everything into my dorm room and got it all put away, I felt really at ease about how the rest of my day would go. Sadly, I didn’t have the opportunity to really get to meet and chat with too many new people yet. I’m very nervous about the rest of my orientation weekend, to be honest. I feel like it would be so much easier to be the new kid at school rather than trying to make friends with a bunch of other people who don’t know each other. It just seems so overwhelming to me, being an introvert. I know it’s pretty critical that I’m open and social with everyone in the next few weeks, but the thought of it is so exhausting, and I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep and recharge for a while.

I’m back (hopefully for good)!

So I’ve made posts in the last couple of months promising follow-up for certain things, like my gluten free challenge. I honestly thought I would have the time to sit down and blog everyday, but I’ve been so, so busy getting ready for college, and tomorrow is finally the day I move in!

I really hope that this won’t be another empty promise, but I would very much like to start blogging more about my life at college, as well as discuss ways to stay healthy while living on campus, study strategies, etc. I’m not going to say it is definite, but I’ll make my best effort to be back on here more frequently!

My heart is so heavy right now. RIP to one of the best.

My heart is so heavy right now. RIP to one of the best.

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Gluten Free Challenge

No, this isn’t some type of diet bandwagon that I’m jumping on.  This “challenge” is used as a way of testing yourself for a gluten intolerance.  Actually, you can use this method for a wide range of things including lactose intolerance, soy allergies, nut allergies, etc.

Basically, the idea is to deprive your body of the potential allergen for a period of time (at least 2 weeks, but recommended for 30 days or more), and then slowly reintroduce it back into your diet.  If you feel better during the time you’re not eating the symptom triggering foods, or if you feel worse when you reintroduce them, there’s a good chance that you have an intolerance/sensitivity.

I had never really considered the fact that I might have a gluten intolerance until my mom showed me a list of the potential symptoms that you can experience.  So many of them were familiar to me, like fatigue, hormone imbalances, keratosis pilaris (tiny bumps on the back of the arms), and digestive issues, but I had never made the connection before.  As much as I hate to admit it, since I’m such a huge lover of bread, pasta, and all kinds of desserts that use flour as the main ingredient, I think there’s a pretty good chance that I could be gluten intolerant.

Today was my first day of the “challenge”.  It was difficult trying to figure out what I could and couldn’t eat at first, but it got easier throughout the day.  My biggest struggle right now is being tempted by the cake and zucchini bread that’s sitting in my kitchen, but I just keep reminding myself that there will always be more opportunities to eat these things in the future.

I’ll be updating on here about my experience every couple of days for the next few weeks.  Wish me luck!

Today in Barnes & Noble, I went up to the front counter to check out and this very attractive boy was working there. We had a quick conversation about the books I was buying (The Bell Jar and The Catcher in the Rye) and he told me that they were both great choices. I could have been completely imagining it, but it seemed like he was flirting with me, which doesn’t happen to me very often. I guess if he really was, it’s a nice reminder that there are actually people out there who are interested in me. Usually I’m pretty confident about both my appearance and who I am as a person, and I don’t regret never having been in a relationship up to this point, but sometimes I feel very lonely and can’t help but think that I’ll be by myself for the rest of my life.

I don’t even know what my hair’s doing in either of these pictures tbh, but I had such an awesome time at the new indoor trampoline park that recently opened by me! My friend Jess and I bought the 2 hour ticket, and we were already exhausted 20 minutes in. Who knew bouncing on a trampoline could be such a workout?! I highly recommend.

But guys, I made a “blue-bear-y” pancake for myself for dinner tonight. 😋🐻

But guys, I made a “blue-bear-y” pancake for myself for dinner tonight. 😋🐻